Hitparade of Surf: Classic Surf 101 & Surf Revival 101

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Hitparade of Surf: Classic Surf 101 & Surf Revival 101

Beitragvon blueeyedlava » Fr Nov 15, 2013 7:53 pm

Ich pack das mal unter "International" weil es sich eine weltweite Umfrage handelt:


On December 27th North Sea Surf Radio will be broadcasting the best 202 surf music tracks according to the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio and the members of the SurfGuitar 101 forum.

Do you want to contribute your personal favourites to these lists and help decide what the best instrumental surf music tracks of all time are?

Make your personal Classic Surf Top 10 & your Surf Revival Top 10 and post them at the Surf Guitar 101 forum or send us an email containing both lists at TOP101@northseasurfradio.com (include your name and country).

The deadline for your contributions is Friday 13th December.

Please note:
- Instrumentals only, songs are not allowed.
- The Classic Surf Top 101 is for tracks from the 60´s. All other tracks belong in the Surf Revival Top 101.
- Tracks in your Surf Revival Top 10 have to be at least one year old! Tracks released in 2013 are excluded from the Surf Revival Top 101.
- The order of the tracks does matter, your number 1 will receive the most points in the Top 101, your number 10 will receive the least points.

Eine Anregung bieten die North Sea Surf Radio DJs an diesem und folgendem Wochenende, jeweils Samstag und Sonntag ab 15 Uhr Mitteleuropäischer Zeit.


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